Just the other day Julia was driving down to her friend’s house during thunderstorm warning for Edmonton area. Little did she know that she would have to pay a heavy price for her drive in the severe weather. Everything seemed to be fine until her car slipped when she braked and she ran into another car. That’s when her heart sank just thinking about how her insurance would be impacted and more so how much the towing will cost her since she did not have any free towing coverage!

Julia was trying to figure out what to do when she called her friend to let her know what had happened. Her friend immediately came to her rescue with vital information that helped her save on towing services. She told her about Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars Company that operates in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. At that point, Julia was desperate as she was standing on the side of the highway alongside her wrecked car.

Julia quickly called Edmonton Cash for Junk Cars. The response from the company was immediate. They agreed to send a tow truck right away to her location at a very reasonable cost. To her relief, the tow truck arrived within a few minutes, and her damaged car was removed immediately from the road side in a professional manner. It was taken to her choice of location. Not only was the charge reasonable. The company also offered her good money for the wrecked automobile once all the insurance work was done.

Julia has since been recommending the company to everyone she knows who requires towing and scrap car removal services. Edmonton cash for junk car came to her rescue right on time and did not charge her an arm and a leg like many other companies in the area. She got good bucks for her accidental vehicle which she used to buy herself a new car. All in all she got a good deal out of a bad situation thanks to EdmontonCashForJunkCars Canada.

Tips to find most suitable accidental car towing company

  • Call and ask about the company’s location
  • Find out what kind of truck they own. Make sure it is proper towing truck
  • Ask about their response time (how long it would take them to get to the location)
  • Make sure you find out about the towing charges in advance and if there are any hidden charges
  • Ask them where the wrecked automobile will be towed
  • Make sure to find out if they offer cash for accidental cars (it can come handy in case you want to get value for your automobile)

All these pointers should assist you in finding a towing company that will offer you wrecked automobile towing without damaging your vehicle any further than it has been due to accident. Make sure you pick a professional towing company in order to avoid any additional problems later.