Junk Car Removal Services

Cash For Used Car

Cash For Used Car should be an easy transaction since there is no test drive involved, no car fax report required, no accident history lookup. Its simply a professional junk car buyer coming out, making a cash offer and taking away your junk car. Click here for more details.

Damage Car Buyer

Not all Damage Car Buyer's are same. Folks like us are simply interested in your dead or alive car. We don't care how bad of an accident the car was in. We don't care how much it will cost to fix it. We recycle and make the best use of any and all cars. Call us now for a quote

Donate Car

We all try to help our community and non-profit causes in different ways. Donating your car as-is is an option but it might not be the best option. Sometimes selling to a junk auto buyer is a far better option because you can donate hard cash to the cause instead of them having to sell car and incur overhead charges.

Free Car Towing

Many a times people are concerned that selling a dead car or a car that does not start might end up costing them a lot since they might have to pay to get it towed away. That is not the case when you call us. We offer free towing service for any car we buy.

Junk Car Removal

Selling your car that is no longer of any use does not have to be difficult. There are Auto Scrap yards like us that specialize in buying dead cars and offering free junk car removal service.

Scrap Car Removal

At EdmontonCashForJunkCar.com, we take pride in offering hassle free scrap car removal service. Our scrap car disposal team will offer your the best price for your clunker, handle all the paperwork and take away your car with no cost to you.

Used Car Buyers

If you are searching for used car buyers in Edmonton area, we are your best used car buyer option. It does not matter what the condition of your vehicle is, whether it is in working condition or not, as long as you have ownership papers and the right documents required, we will buy cars in Edmonton and areas surrounding it.