About Edmonton Cash For Cars

cash for carsAt Edmonton Cash for Cars, we specialize in buying all sorts of domestic and import cars.  We strive on being an honest company that offers our customers a hassle free service.  If you’re looking for cash for cars in Edmonton, we are here to help! The Coldest Urban City is one of the greatest cities in the Canada with amazing art, culture, food, and sports teams. We think our Edmonton junk car buying service and prices will also blow you away! Wouldn’t it be nice to simultaneously free up some space in your yard, garage or driveway, and get some cash for your car that you can use to check out an Edmonton Eskimos game at the Rogers Arena or take the kids to the Telus Science Center or the Heritage Park  for a day of fun? Don’t let yourself get underwater on your used dead or alive car. We buy junk cars in Edmonton, AB and we pay more than the other guys in the industry!

It doesn’t matter if your junk car was run into while shopping at West Edmonton Mall and is beyond repair, or if the transmission has failed and even the best auto repair service says it’s not worth fixing. We will pay you hard cash for your junk car in Edmonton no matter what kind of car, truck, van, or SUV you might have or what condition it is in. Not only will we pay cash for your car, but we’ll also tow it away and take it to our auto junk yard absolutely free of charge! You might feel like driving your old clunker right into the North Saskatchewan River, but we are sure it still has some value so get an instant offer from us today!

Ready to get cash for your junk car in Edmonton? Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us now for a quick quote.  Our professional car appraiser will provide a quick quote over the phone
  2. If we agree to the price, our two truck will show up with hard cash within hours.
  3. We will pay you what we committed over the phone or maybe more if we find the car to be more valuable then we originally assessed over the phone.  However, we will NEVER hassle and pay you less than what we quoted you
  4. You sign a couple of paper to transfer the ownership of the car to us and we pay you cash and tow away the car.

Its that EASY to get RID of your junk car!