Junk Car Removal Devon, Alberta

Why live with a dead of alive car, pay unnecessary registration and insurance for it when you can easily sell it to a local scrap yard and get paid for it.  We are specialists when it comes to buying dead or alive cars.  We buy so many of them that we are confident to provide you a quote right over the phone.  We do not haggle on the price when we come out to pick the car.  We pay you what we committed to you over the phone.  Our tow truck drivers are friendly and courteous and they know that you have other things to do in life then waste time dealing with junk car sales.  They will do their utmost to make the process simple and fast.  We take care of all the paperwork required in Alberta to transfer the ownership of the vehicle.  Even if you cannot find the pink ownership slip, that is not a problem.  We can help get  you a duplicate.  We come with the Alberta Auto Bill of Sale documents so all we need is a few signatures from you and we are well on our way.

Get Rid of an Unsightly Junk Vehicle

When you are tired of seeing the unsightly junk car in your yard and your neighbors agree with you by constantly raising the concern, it is time to give us a call and have it towed away. You can even get cash in exchange for your trash. We will see to it that you get the highest possible cash offers for your junk car.

Sell Your Junk Vehicle Today

Save yourself from the hassle of having to advertise and wait for several offers through calls and emails. Take advantage of our complete junk car removal service. We accept salvage vehicles for sale, trade in, and donation. Get rid of car wrecks and old vehicles that no longer run. Call Edmonton Auto Recycling at (780) 652-1053 to get rid of any unwanted vehicle today.

  • We take both running and non-running cars
  • We do all of the paperwork including Alberta bill of Sale
  • We can provide you with free junk auto removal services 
  • Get the best quote right over the phone
  • We can pick up from any location and pull out the car if its stuck in a pot hole or is in a ditch
  • We pay you cash on the spot

For Headache Free Junk Car Removal, Call us Now!