Customer Testimonials

Want to thank John for helping my daughter last night in that horrific storm. We bought her a beater since this was her first car but it died on her on the highway in midst of a storm. She was scared and did not know what to do. We found through a quick Google search for Junk Car Buyer near me in Edmonton. John answered the phone and immediately rushed to my daughters location. He assessed the car and concluded that it was a clunker and not work fixing. He offered her cash and even gave her extra to cover her cab fare back home. Thank you very much.
Kerry Smith
I called three different places and none of them even came close to the offer I got from John was so courteous over the phone, explained to me the whole process for selling a scrap car to an auto junk yard. He came by the same evening, gave me cash and took the car away.
Rachel Amos