Cash For Used Car Sherwood Park

sherwood park used car dealershipGot stuck with a car that won’t start.  The mechanic giving your an estimate that is outrageous.  Don’t know what to do.  Call us at  We specialize in the purchase of dead vehicles.  We don’t care if the car won’t start or its got more problems then the mechanic can even list on the repair estimate bill.  We buy the car for its scrap value.  Since we operate our own auto junk yard and run our own tow trucks, we can offer you the best price for your car. 

Don’t opt to sell your used car in Sherwood Park to a dealer.  They won’t give you a dime for it and some even charge disposal fees.  By selling to a auto scrap yard, you avoid the fees.  Instead you get paid cash in hand and don’t have to worry about towing charges.  We take care of it all.

Call our experts now and get a quote right over the phone.  Check our customer testimonials and see how we have helped hundreds of people get rid of their clunker.  You can use that money to buy a Sherwood Park public transit pass for a year or to go for a nice camping trip with the family in Sherwood Park.  In some cases, the money we pay you is enough to even put a down payment for a new car with a dealership in Sherwood Park, Alberta.