Repair bills can be expensive, sometimes too expensive. We all know that person that`s had a car in need of repair for too long, and the car has been sitting forever. We all know they`re not going to get it fixed, but they don`t want to pay a tow truck to get rid of it. Maybe that person is you. Well fear not, Edmonton Junk Cars is here to help. That`s right, Edmonton Junk Cars will buy your vehicle from you and tow it away for free. It doesn’t matter what year, make or model your car, truck, van or SUV is, both foreign or domestic, in fact, it doesn`t even need to run and Edmonton Junk Cars will make buy it from you. With over 28-years of experience in the car recycling business, Edmonton Junk Cars will pick-up your vehicle virtually anywhere in the state of Leduc. Call us today to start the process at (780) 652-1053.


After just a few short minutes, you could be on your way to a cash payout for that clunker in your driveway. The whole process takes just a few minutes and starts by calling one of our professional cash for clunker car specialists at (780) 652-1053. They ask you some basic questions about your vehicle such as the vehicle`s year, make, model, damage, any missing parts, and it`s current location, etc. Within minutes, our team of salvage professionals will give you a free, no obligation, guaranteed cash price we`re willing to pay to buy your vehicle, which is usually the highest in the state of Leduc. Edmonton Junk Cars will not ask you a bunch of personal information because we respect your privacy. If you don`t have time for a 5-minute phone call, you can also visit our website at and fill out the online form or, if you prefer, shoot us a quick e-mail with your vehicle information and we`ll call you back as soon as possible. It couldn`t be any easier.

Once you accept our offer, our team of salvage professionals will work with you around your busy schedule to find a day, time and location that works best for you to meet and collect your vehicle, verify your information, and best of all, pay you cash.. Often times pick-up can be scheduled the same day.

Once our tow driver arrives, he or she will verify the information you provided on the call and review your documentation. Once everything is checked and verified, they will pay you your full, guaranteed, cash price. At Edmonton Junk Cars, we will even provide instructions for cancelling your insurance policy for the collected vehicle and help you with returning your plates to your local Leduc Ministry office. The entire in-person process takes just minutes and can be started and completed in hours. If you`re in a rush or don`t have time, we can always make arrangements to collect your vehicle without you being there, as long as the required documentation proving ownership is left with the vehicle. As always, the tow is 100% free with no hidden fees.

With over 28 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our reputation speaks for itself. Whether you are an individual looking for some quick cash or a corporation with a fleet of vehicles to get rid of, Edmonton Junk Cars wants to hear from you today. Call us today at (780) 652-1053.